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2GIG GC3: Installer Toolbox: 2GIG alarm dealers and installers can tap the logo and then enter the Installer Code to access the Installer Toolbox menu. 25″ – thinnest 7″ all-in-one system on the market Z-Wave Plus certified solutions feature a selected set of extended features and capabilities that enhance your experience with faster and easier installation and setup. com Customer Account-Using the 2GIG Cell Radio Module serial number, create an Alarm. Figure 16 Bookmark this Screen Message The system bookmarks the screen or menu and a star appears on the bookmark icon.

· In this video, Joe shows users how to add a 2GIG SP2 Keypad with a 2GIG GC3 System in Access Point Mode. 7″ capacitive touchscreen ; Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels; One-touch arming – 2gig sp2 installation manual Arm button on home screen for one-touch arming; Capacitive-touch buttons – Home, Emergency; Dimensions: 8. Compatible with GC3 Secondary Touchscreens, Notification and Intrusion Sensors and much more. Tap to select the desired equipment code from the 2. guide installation panel. Select Equipment Code: SP2 Touch Screen. Garage:You can disarm the garage while you&39;re at work, allowing packages to be delivered and stored safely.

This guide provides distributors, dealers, and authorized installation personnel with information about installing, testing, and maintaining the 2GIG Go! The 2GIG Touchscreen Keypads include the 2GIG SP1 and 2GIG SP2 for the 2GIG GC3 System and the 2GIG TS1 for the 2GIG GC2 System, Meanwhile, the 2GIG PAD1-345 is a push-button keypad that will work with both the GC2 and GC3 Systems on any firmware version. control 2GIG-CNTRL2 Security System pdf manual download. com customer account on the Alarm. com – Setting Scenes and Rules; Alarm. If you have a 2GIG GC3, you can choose between the SP1 and SP2 Keypads. 2GIG®GC3Security&AutomationSystem Installation& ProgrammingGuideRevA.

The s ystem will show Device 2gig sp2 installation manual ID when paired. This is a relatively basic touchscreen keypad that provides simp. Start pairing process on SP1 or SP2 (See SP 1/2 installation manual for details). Other Features: 1. Select System Configuration, then System Pairing.

IMPORTANT: When selecting a wall outlet, never connect the plug-in power supply to a switch-controlled outlet. Integrated Z-Wave Plus radio supports Z-Wave devices for locks, lighting, thermostats and more. Determine sensor mounting location based on installation scenario and criteria noted in the “Installation Guidelines.

STANDARD FOR ALARM LOCATION Smoke detectors used with this system should be installed in accordance. Press the Pair button. Page 1 Wireless Security System 2GIG-CP2 Installation & Programming Instructions. The module is to be mounted. com Alexa Integration Guide; Alarm. Start pairing process on SP1 or SP2 (See SP1/2 installation manual for details). The control panel either mounts to a wall using the integrated mounting plate and three screws, or sits on a tabletop when placed in the optional 2GIG GoControl Desktop Kit (2GIG-CP-DESK, sold separately).

If programming an SP2 or PAD1 see the Installation and Programming Guide for more details. On the SP2 Touch Screen, select Pair. This touch screen shows system status, bypass zones, arm stay, arm away or disarm.

Intuitive new user interface. As 2GIG&39;s new partitioning solution, Smart Areas allows you to create up to 4 security sections in your home or business. IMPORTANT: For smoothest installation, learn in one Image Sensor at a time. com Cameras – Video Motion Detection Best Practices. Guest/Rental:By sectioning off rental areas of your property, you can arm certain sections of your property that are off limits to guests. 2GIG-SP2-GC3 Can be mounted on a wall or desk using 2GIG-CP-DESK Accessory (sold separately). 2GIG Installer Manual How to Reset a 2GIG Go! Z-Wave Plus is an upgraded certification program to help you identify products that take advantage of the "Next Gen" Z-Wave hardware platform, also known as 500 Series or Gen5 Z-Wave.

The GC3 Control Panel’s WiFi IP Address and Pairing Key will display. View and Download 2gig Technologies GO! all-in-one Wireless Security System. Easy to install with integrated level, third-hand strap. ; Page 2: Alarm Location National Fire Protection Association Standard 72 Recommendations for Smoke Detectors STANDARD FOR ALARM LOCATION Smoke detectors used with this system should be installed in accordance with Chapter 2 of the National Fire Alarm Code, ANSI/NFPA 72 (National Fire Protection Association. installation manual for details). The 2GIG‐TAKE‐345 Super Switch is 2GIG’s wireless takeover module.

× COVID-19 Alert To DIYers: COVID-19 has severely affected supplier inventory. View and Download 2gig Technologies. Main House:Keep your main house safe while independently securing different parts of your home. designed to convert 8 hardwired zones into eight wireless zones, make installation. For example, you can select the following as your 4 sections: 1. PRINTERS INSTRUCTIONS INSTR,INSTL,2GIG-CO1-345 - P/N: 229921 X4 - INK: BLACK - MATERIAL: 20 LB. The SP2 Touch Screen should now be paired with the GC3 Control Panel. 2GIG by Linear products are not sold directly to consumers and can only be obtained from authorized distribution channels.

The 2GIG-SP2-GC3 is a slim, secondary touchscreen allowing users to install them wherever is convenient to control their security systems, such as a master bedroom, or at the back door. The 2GIG-SP1-GC3 also displays full five day weather display. 2GIG-SP2-GC3 2GIG GC3 Wireless Secondary Touchscreen for Security Features: 7” color, capacitive touchscreen with 800 x 480 resolution Quick Installation One-touch arming 100 zones of wireless security Up to 100 uniq. This is shipping now!

See full list on homecontrols. But using a system Access Point is a viable. This keypad 2gig sp2 installation manual is typically paired through WIFI. Start pairing process on SP1 or SP2 (See SP1/2 list. 2GIG-SP2-GC3 Can be mounted on a wall or desk using 2GIG-CP-DESK. ABOUT THIS GUIDE.

· 2GIG-SP1-GC3 Offers the sp2 exact same control features as the main GC3 panel. For more details, see the installation manual of the device. In-depth Installation and Programming manual with everything you need to setup your 2GIG GC2 wireless security system.

Terminal Block:Securely fasten a 2-conductor power wire (not supplied) to the appropriate PWR+/PWR- screw positions on the GC3 Panel&39;s terminal block. Select Next Keypad to setup another keypad, return to System Configuration,. control 2GIG-CNTRL2 operation and user&39;s manual online. . System will show Device ID when paired. Installation & Programming Instructions 2GIG-CP2. Insert batteries only after initiating learn mode at the panel.

Backward compatible with all 2GIG legacy sensors. MEAD BOND - SIZE: 8. Select SP2 Touchscreen ID. Full security control, as well as control over automation devices, including Scenes, Rooms and Bookmarking options. 000” - SCALE: 1-1 - SIDE 1 of 2 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION FEATURES 2GIG-CO1-345 The 2GIG-CO1-345 is a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm with a built-in CARBON transmitter designed for use with the 2GIG-CNTRL-345 security system.

This video explains exactly how to install the 2GIG CDMAV-A-GC3 cellular radio to work with the 2GIG GC3 wireless security system. Control WARNING: OWNER’S INSTRUCTION NOTICE Not to be removed by anyone except occupant USER GUIDE. Continue with any additional keypad configuration for the SP2 Touch Screen. Touchscreen Display:With an intuitive, gesture-based user interface, the full-color touchscreen display is large at 7 inches (17. Consult the Installation Instructions that came with the. · of installation and how many sensors are installed with the Control Panel, sensors can include but are not limited to the following: Door/Window Sensor Glass Break Sensor CO Sensor Key Fob Motion Detector Smoke/Heat/Freeze Alarm Panic Remote Button Wireless Touch Screen Keypad. Reichert Subject: Installation Instructions Created Date:Z. Piezo Sounder and Internal Speaker:External alarms are sounded by.

000” - TOLERANCE: ±. 2Gig GC2 User Manual; 2Gig GC3 User Manual; 2Gig SP2 Installation Manual; Alarm. Copyright © Nortek Security & Control LLC. Page 24: Viewing The Weather Forecast. Step 4B: Enter the PAD1 Serial Number (TX ID) Next, enter the 7-digit TX ID (this is product’s serial number) for the keypad. Barrel Connector:A plug-in power supply with a barrel connector (part 2GIG-AC2-PLUG, sold separately) can be plugged into the DC power adapter&39;s barrel jack on the GC3 Panel. ”For best image capture, the target capture areas should be centered in the frame.

View online or download 2gig technologies GC3 User Manual. availability 2gig sp2 installation manual of the new 2GIG SP2 Wireless Touchscreen for 2GIG GC3 Panels. SP1 Installation Guide (ENGLISH) SP2 Installation Guide (ENGLISH.

Super Switch (Takeover Module) INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS. . 2GIG GC3 Security & Control Panel (2GIG-GC3-345) $ 278. If customer wants to capture people coming through door, the doorway should be centered in camera/PIR view. See the GC3 Installation & Programming Guide.

There are two ways to connect the wires for the power supply to the GC3 Panel: 1. The quick alert button is not available in the SP2 but that functionality can be activated with your keyfob alert button. 125” - SCALE: 1-1 - SIDE 2 OF 2 Pair the SP2 Touch Screen After mounting and powering the SP2 Touch Screen, it will need to be setup and paired with the GC3 Control Panel. Office:Arm a section of a room (like in an office) that is isn&39;t accessed all the time, which could contain a safe with valuables inside.

Copyright © Nortek Security & Control LLC 51 Step 4B: Enter the PAD1 Serial Number (TX ID). Go Control security system pdf manual download. Trigger the keypad. com Cameras – Setting up Object Detection Recordings (V722W & V522IR Only) Alarm. WIRELESS SECURITY SYSTEM Go!

In this video, Joe teaches users how to pair a 2GIG SP2 Keypad with a 2GIG GC3 Alarm System. This will allow you to keep some sections armed while leaving other sections disarmed. Press Pair button. On the SP2 Touch Screen, select Pair and enter the IP Address and Pairing Key that is displayed on the GC3 Control Panel. At the Keypad screen, highlight Device ID. PRINTERS INSTRUCTIONS: INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS, 2GIG SP2 GC3 (ENGLISH) - P/N:B - INK: BLACK - MATERIAL: 20 LB MEAD BOND - SIZE: 8. Control Panel Installer Code and Default Settings, How to Run a Cell Phone Test on a 2GIG Go Control Panel. Personal Help Button Pendant-Wristband (2GIG-PHB1-345) Wall-Mounted Help Button (2GIG-WMT1-345).

com – Adding User Codes for System and Door Lock; Alarm. Features Connects using WiFi or GC3 Access Point One-touch arming At-a-glance system status Chime for. Z-Wave Plus advancements also provide longer battery life, faster operation, better wireless range and improved noise immunity. simple, and work with existing 12‐volt control panels.

2gig sp2 installation manual

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